Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Taking action: Daring to venture into the real world

Over at Booman Tribune diane101 expressed her concern
. . . that we are wasting away the time when perhaps we could be actually doing something, become a force of change.

Nanette added
Sometimes people need to just take small steps at first, or settle into a zone that suits them and then they are able to utilize the skills that they have to make a difference.

Which got me to thinking - maybe one thing a blog can do is to help each other take those first small steps out into the world of political action. This is never going to be for everyone - there is lots to do and "getting out there" is only part of it. But I think a lot of people who spend time with the blogs can do this - but they don't know how. Or they're shy. Or they think they don't have anything to contribute. Except for the terminally gregarious, it can be hard. Perhaps by sharing our stories of how we got started, and by keeping each other posted on our progress, more of us will find a way to dare to venture "into the real world."

So I'll start. To read the rest, click here. [posted on 4/8/05]

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