Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. at DemFest

It was an incredible weekend at DemFest here in Austin. This morning was Grassroots Training 101 - brilliant, common sense "how-to's" from two campaign managers and a candidate. Our blogger's caucus Friday afternoon was packed and the speakers, especially TX State Rep. Mark Strama, lined up by othniel were great. Being able to hang out with folks like Jeffrey Feldman (sole proprietor of the Frameshop), Barbara Radnovsky (our next Senator from Texas - woo hoo! - go Barbara!), listen to Molly Ivins and Glen Maxey tell hilarious stories about life as a liberal in Texas . . . . wow.

But I can't put it all in one diary, and others of our group (the Austin Kossacks - here's roses diary which includes links to more) will surely be posting some too, so I'd just like to say a few words about Jesse Jackson, Jr tonight.

to read about what he had to say click here. [posted on 6/23/05]

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