Thursday, August 23, 2012

How would Obama vs Romney affect the U.S. economy and American families?

Filed under "What if we stopped talking about whether or not we liked a politician or approve of this or that thing about them and talked instead about how what they propose to do, or have done, affects our country and all of us Americans who live in it? Because, after all, isn't that the only reason that politics is important? Because it affects actual human lives? (And, well, the whole Earth itself, really.)

Click on the graphics to see larger versions:

To see the overview of the entire country above from the original source, go to the Local section of Politify and enter any location in the U.S. (your own or any you're curious about). Then zoom out by clicking the minus sign at the top left until you can see the big picture.

Source for the one below is the National section of the site.

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